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Karen Gaudette


10"x 8"



Wassail Stag

  • For as long as I can recall, I have been influenced by folklore and symbolism. Whether I am creating an image of a mythical figure or inventing my own characters, I am compelled to include layers of visual symbols in my designs and borders. As an artist, I believe that Art is a language and I choose to tell my stories through the flora and fauna that populate my drawings. While I spent over a decade drawing the human figure, in the past eight years I have chosen to focus on animals, often anthropomorphizing them. In part I made this decision because the medium of scratchboard beautifully conveys textures and patterns that are found in fur, feathers and fiber. In addition, I can express a range of emotions through my animal subjects that are subtle and thought provoking. Whether it is a whimsical illustration celebrating the season of Yule, or a surreal image inspired by my personal life, I hope that the viewer enjoys my narratives, and finds their own story reflected in my drawings.

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