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Title: The Fairies of Castle Combe

Medium: Watercolor & Gouache

Size: 12"x16"

Price: $550

“You and I both know when we look out our kitchen window and see big puffy flakes of snow falling that there is magic in the air… Something beyond the science and the facts of it, which is also pretty amazing and incredible, when you think about it. The way moisture suspends in the air in little droplets that form a cloud, then get heavy enough to fall thousands of feet through the sky, freezing into these fluffy white flakes. The way it dampens sound, blurs your ability to see very far, accumulating on the ground, becoming like play dough for children. But even beyond that, when you pause to watch it, deep down there is a feeling that there is something else, something magical that has to be happening at the same time. Perhaps snowfall is the perfect cover for winter fairies to come out and play in the snow, impossible for human eyes to catch as they flit about, throwing snowballs at each and dropping piles of powder on unsuspecting victims..."


The Fairies of Castle Combe

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