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Title: Saying Goodbye Is Hard

Medium: Ink

*Size: 9"x12"

Price: $275

Blurb: "Old Man Oak is one of the grumpiest looking trees in the valley, his bark all twisted, knots bulging everywhere, and the branches all forced to point south from years of harsh North Wind sweeping across the valley. But sometimes the grumpiest looking trees are the most tender-hearted deep down. As the leaves slowly shrivel and let go of his branches, the fairies gather around so that when the last leaf falls he won't be alone. The squirrels, who normally keep him company during the winter months, are nowhere to be found, no doubt with their bushy butt in the air, frantically burying the last of their stores before the ground freezes. So the fairies stay with him, nestled in the brown leaves that never reached the ground, singing songs of summers past until the squirrels return and the fairies drifted off to sleep for the winter."


Saying Goodbye Is Hard

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