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Paul VerBurg

Mixed media, pencil and gouache

23.5"x 48.5 x 3"



Over Illusion

  • I think of pure Art as a non-representational entity. However, the idea of infusing representational imagery with abstract qualities and then pushing the familiar toward an unfamiliar outcome is a major motivation in my creative process. Currently, my studio practice is one of intuitive discovery where ideas come to mind from influences as diverse as wordplay, scents, and walks outdoors. The work here I feel is my most honest; coming from somewhere inside of me that at times leaves me wondering what happened here? I also believe that this imagery is, for the most part autobiographical, in a sense that, at that moment, I am honestly relaying my life experience.

    As a visual artist, I am prone to thinking in symbols and how best to convey an idea. I cannot remember a time when I was not curious as to how things worked, where do ideas come from? ... so years ago I began to search for the origin of my own creativity. In a sense this piece is a journey of me of me finding myself, it's title is OVER ILLUSION.

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