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Title: Golden Hour

Medium: India Ink

*Size: 8"x10"

Price: $300

Blurb: "Something magical happens in the last hour before sunset, as if the sun has saved the best for last, her rays stretching across the earth and transforming everything she touches. Her reach slipping through every window and crack in the curtains, flooding our walls with her perfume. She soars over the rivers and lakes, creating ripples with her toes, such that even the calmest waters burst into a giggle. Fields, forests and livestock turn into golden sculptures, with the occasional swarm of gnats that somehow become dancing fairies in her glow. She kisses the rosy cheeks the apple trees and brushes her warm fingers through the oak tree's curls, before igniting the clouds in the most magnificent display of promise that she'll return in the morning. 


Golden Hour

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