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Jack Straton

Silver Print

11"x 14"



Foglit Night

  • The surrounding world calls to the heart of each of us to notice, to drop our perceptual filters and truly see, to pause and participate in the being-becoming that surrounds us. The photographer's eye must overcome its habituation to the world surrounding us so that what one attends to what is really present. If one is willing to pause and truly see with gaze unfiltered by preconceptions, one finds a profound connection to the world. It is the job of the photographer to capture the visual clues that evoke a sense of home, of connection, of an awareness of our larger selves in such a way that the viewer of the work may feel a resonant connection.

    Noticing the play of light across a surface is the key to finding this world-resonance. This beneficence of light upon the gaze of the photographer can become a kind of benediction upon the head and the heart of the viewer. She may have an experience that is akin to remembering something she has never seen or some place she has never been.

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