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The Gallery

The Gallery at pour-d exhibits artwork from a diverse group of established and emerging artists. It provides the community with opportunities for direct involvement and exchange with the visual arts. In addition The gallery provides a host of supplementary programs in support of the exhibitions, including lectures, performances, readings, and workshops. Explore our past exhibitions here.

Solar | 06.17.23

When the sun is just above the horizon before it dips its head, there is a golden hour of time, a magical time when the color of the sky turns orange and yellow, contours soften and the world is bathed in warmth. As summer approaches we are looking to create that feeling of the warmth on the walls of our gallery. Works featuring warm light, golden tones and the feeling of summer.

Zephyr | 03.04.23



a soft gentle breeze.

There was silence now except for the distant sea, a slight zephyr stirring the trees. - Collins English Dictionary As spring approaches and the winter recedes we are looking to create a wind of change within our gallery. We invite you to enjoy works featuring delicate palettes of color and images that invoke light and gentle breezes.

Wonder | 11.05.22

As the winter approaches and the snow arrives we want to capture the feeling of wonder.  What is wonder to you?  What creates that feeling of surprise mingled with admiration? something beautiful, something unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.

Resplendent | 09.24.22

The world is resplendent in many forms, it is glorious in color, rich in texture, and bursting with energy and beauty.  Help us celebrate the world around us in this new engaging exhibition, Resplendent.