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Solo Exhibitions

The Gallery at pour-d exhibits artwork from a diverse group of established and emerging artists. It provides the community with opportunities for direct involvement and exchange with the visual arts. In addition The gallery provides a host of supplementary programs in support of the exhibitions, including lectures, performances, readings, and workshops. Explore our past exhibitions here.

Leah Morrison | 02.07.23

The world is resplendent in many forms, it is glorious in color, rich in texture, and bursting with energy and beauty.  Help us celebrate the world around us in this new engaging exhibition, Resplendent.

Echo | 09.04.22
By ESO Studio

This collection of work features natural dyeing as an inspiring medium. Part art, part science, and part magic! The unique markings and subtle patterns that nature helps create are near impossible to repeat. Come and  Eso Studio's unique pieces that are truly one of a kind, made with awe and respect for our natural world.

Acrylics | 08.03.22
By Erin Reinholtz

This collection of work features Acrylic originals  by local artist Erin Reinholtz. Erin Reinholtz, an artist in Grand Rapids, Michigan paints colorful impressionistic landscapes for people who love the peace and beauty of the great outdoors.

Watercolor | 07.19.22
By Lynn Neill

This collection of work features beautiful watercolor originals and prints by local artist Lynn Neill. Lynn describes her art as 

"Pointing to the beauty that surrounds us in creation."

She aspires to turn memories into art.