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Leah Morrison
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About the Artist


Leah Morrison is an artist/illustrator in Grand Rapids, MI, where she lives with her husband and 3 kids. After graduating from Kendall College of Art and Design, she has worked odds and ends jobs while staying home with her 3 children until launching her career in Fall of '21. She has illustrated 3 books and is currently working on her 4th. 

"For as long as I can remember, I have been in awe of the world. I would stop on the way to school to smell the damp earth filling the air, tune in to sounds around me of snow or leaves crunching under my feet, and take in thousands of tiny details, like the way the wind blows across a puddle or the orderly way in which a bumblebee collects pollen from a sunflower. Even as an adult I still gasp at the way the sunlight hits the objects in my living room and how the frosted glass on my door glows with a soft orange hue in the evening and the blue shadows of flowers that spread as the sun dips low on the horizon.

The beauty doesn't stop with nature; I see it in people too. The beautiful shades of skin and hair, face and body shapes, little flecks of light in someone's eyes or freckles on their nose. The wonderful array of different personalities, cultures and the gifts each person brings into the room. 

I love experiencing the world this way. Those little things make me believe the world is so much more magical than we realize. And if the things we see are this beautiful, what if there was even more going on that we can't see?

I think ultimately this is why I became an artist. I hope my work expands your imagination and inspires you to look at the world you live in with a sense of wonder, awe and curiosity. That you would walk by an ordinary tree and think, "what if there are tiny little fairies flitting about in that tree?" Or, "What if it was actually a fairy who poked that squirrel and got it to chase the other one?" And I hope it goes even further, to changing the way you see the people around you and yourself, with the same sense of wonder and curiosity."

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