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About Us

Pour-d + Curat-d

The Pour-d Tea bar brings a new experience to west Michigan. A tea-forward establishment offering a contemporary alternative to the traditional coffee shop. Nestled inside the building, the tea bar is an ideal place to sit and savor a classic or pick out something new with our in-house tea barista. Pour-d is a perfect place to sit with others and steep relationships. Pour-d is the middle sister in the Gather-d collective.

Curat-d is the new baby sister of the collective. We just opened a new gift shop located in the front of Pour-d. You can find something for everyone on your list here!

Gather-d is how it all began and is the OG location. Gather-d is a boutique filled with well gathered goods- gifts, home decor and clothing. Gather-d is located around the block from Pour-d at 46 E. Bridge St. so make sure to visit after you have a cup of tea.

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